Water-talents are always around brooks and streams! They collect dewdrops and help fish swim up waterfalls.
Queen Clarion

Water-talent fairies can manipulate and control water in her liquid form and all things that contain water in their favor. They also can create water from thin air, and multiply the water molecules, creating "more water". They are able to freeze or boil water at willThey have more water in them than other fairies, and as a consequence, tears and other fluids run more easily.

The most emotional of the Never Fairies, Water fairies cry when they're happy as well as when they're sad. Although Water fairies cannot swim, they always find ways to frolic near water. Only Water fairies can make bubble messages, which burst open only for the fairy who is meant to hear them. Water fairies are often found exploring Pixie Hollow's waterways in boats made from leaves and in birch-bark canoes. These fairies also have a knack for divining and can seek out hidden sources of water.

With the ability of speak any language of aquatic creatures, Water fairies never get a seasickness.

Water fairies


Blue is a common color for Water-talent fairies, such as aquamarine, dark-blue, cyan, and all blue shades. Some fairies (such as Silvermist) wear long dresses.

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