Tinker-talents are Pixie Hollow's fixers! They spend their time working on new gadgets and looking for lost things.
Queen Clarion

Tinker-talent fairies have the ability to fix anything and everything in Pixie Hollow. They do not just fix things they also invent and create special tools to help the nature fairies on the Mainland. Every tinker has their own talent mark and stamp to work with; Tinker Bell's is a steaming pot marked "TB". They work and live at Tinkers' Nook.

They have a curious mind and always do well in their inventions or repairs. Fairy Mary is the head of all of them. These fairies usually are born having a great imagination and elevated creativity.

Tinker fairiesEdit


Green is a common color for Tinker-talent fairies, such as greenish-yellow, green-fern, lime-green, and all green shades. Some female fairies wear pants under their skirt. Female fairies wear their hair short, but some like Tinker Bell and Fairy Mary wear them in a bun.

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