Silvermist, Iridessa and Rosetta showing their natural skills to Periwinkle.

The most important thing for any fairy is your talent.

The Talents are natural gifts that fairies are naturally able to perform. Using their talents, fairies are able to change the seasons (winter in the case of Winter fairies). Although some talents may seem useless, they are all important. Most of magical talents require magic, i.e, Pixie Dust.

Some non-magic talents as Mining-talent, should not be seen as a magical talent, despite the ability of earth control. The therm "mundane" refers to the fairies that no visit the Mainland. Despite their extraordinary talents, only nature-fairies can visit the Mainland. No matter how small or insignificant a talent may seem, all are important! 



Every talent guild has a related color, indicating the talent that him or her are from. If a fairy throw a alchemized dust upon herself, her original talent will be replaced by the new, and their outfit will change into a color and style that represents the new talent. If they change to their original talent again, the outfit will turn to whatever style/color that was in.


Fairies have the most different personalities between them, but their talent influences how him or her acts and behaves, e.g. Light-talents are quick-witted and literally "bright" fairies, Water-talents is the most emotional of all the fairies and Tinker-talents are quite curious. Through Pixie Dust Alchemy, fairies can change their innate abilities into a new. If this occurs, his/her personality will be influenced by the new talent that him or her now is.

Discovering talents

After Queen Clarion welcomes them into Pixie Hollow, the process of "Discovering Talents" is started. She conjures a mushroom circle in the Pixie Dust Tree, and various fairies of differents talents and guilds bring objects to represent their talents. When the new fairy touches an item that does not represent his or her talent, the item will be unresponsive or even disappear, and the mushroom will stop shining. When he or she finds the item representing her talent, the item will glow and the rest of them will stop shining too. After discovering her talent, Queen Clarion gives a name for the newly-borned fairy and gently asks for others same-talent fairies to introduce himself. For view, visit the clip "Tinker Bell Feature: First Six Minutes Sneak Peak".

The process of "Discovering talents" of Winter fairies has yet to be seen, but it is likely to resemble the talent selection process of their counterparts.

After discovering their skills, the newly-arrived is taught how to use their talent properly to bring the seasons or to contribute to the Mainland or Pixie Hollow in some way. Those responsible for teaching them are the Mentor fairies.

Known Talents


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