Scout-talent fairies are the protecters of Pixie Hollow. They have large look-out towers made from evergreen trees to warn the other fairies of dangers. They live in Scout HQ, which appears to be a former termite mound or a rock structure. Nyx is supposed to be the head of them.

These fairies are skilled warriors and they are often found training the use of weapons, such as a porcupine quill spear or arrows in combination with nightshade powder, along with teamwork to defend their fellow kind and even take out a threat if necessary.

Clothing Edit

Scouts have distinct uniforms based on gender. Sparrowmen wear brown leaf like shirts and pants, usually with acorn hats They use seashell horns to warn of danger. The fairies wear a black and white striped shirt underneath a bark skinned body suit, that has a gold leaf design on it. They also have a green sash tied at their waist, wrist guards, and wear with black and white striped thick boots. Each one has a holster of some kind for their weapons.

Scout fairies Edit

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