Queen Clarion
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SpeciesNever Fairies
Gender♀ Female
Professional Status
Personal Status

Fairy Mary (best-friend), Minister of Autumn, Minister of Summer, Minister of Spring, Tinker Bell (friends), Lord Milori (boyfriend/love interest)

Background information

Tinker Bell (2008)
Lost Treasure (2009)
Pixie Hollow Games (special; 2011)
Secret of the Wings (2012)
The Pirate Fairy (2014)
Legend of the NeverBeast (2015)

BooksThe Trouble with Tink (2006 book) and various other


Angelica Huston (2008-present)

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Born in laughter, clothed in cheer, happiness has brought you here. Welcome to Pixie Hollow.
―Queen Clarion welcoming Tinker Bell

Queen Clarion is a main character from Tinker Bell. She is the beautiful queen of Pixie Hollow, she acts motherly to all fairies and the tallest living fairy in Never Land. She can travel in an appearance of sparkly golden-colored Pixie Dust. She is voiced by Anjelica Huston in all of her appearances. An ethereal being, she is practically Mother Nature – and is like a mother to all the fairies.


Physical Appearance

Queen Clarion has light honey-brown hair, extremely large golden fairy wings, and a dress made of bright yellow Pixie Dust. She also wears differents crowns and tiaras for differents occasions.

Personality and CharacteristicsEdit

Despite her great wisdom, knowledge and tremendous warm strength and power, Queen Clarion doesn't seem to take her queenly station too seriously. She is a loving and approachable fairy, but can be firm when she has to be. It has also been said that she is mysterious.

As ruler of Pixie Hollow, Queen Clarion sometimes mediates and helps to settle arguments quietly. In the films, she also has the task of making sure the preparations for the four seasons are done in a timely manner (with the help of the seasonal ministers). She also greets newly-borned fairies, gives her names and helps them to find their talent.

Movie seriesEdit

Tinker Bell

After Tinker Bell is born in Pixie Hollow, Clarion welcomes her with open arms, and informs her to find her talent. When Tink is discovered to be a Tinker-talent fairy, Clarion welcomes her into the clan of Tinker-talent fairies and gives her the name, "Tinker Bell". Later on, Tinker Bell showcases several machines to Queen Clarion for her trip to the Mainland. However, Queen Clarion explains that Tinker-talent fairies don't journey to the Mainland, as the job is solely for nature-talent fairies. After the news, Tinker Bell decides to change her talent, and goes to Vidia, the Fast-flying-talent fairy that holds a disliking towards Tinker Bell. She tricks the tinker into trying to round up the elusive sprinting thistles as a way to prove her worth.

Just as Pixie Hollow is preparing to have its nature-fairies travel to the Mainland to change the season, the sprinting thistles attack and destroy the preparations. Queen Clarion is forced to call of the trip as there's no way for the fairies to travel with all the work destroyed. The Tinker-talent fairy redeems herself by using various inventions to restore the preparations. Queen Clarion is delighted to see the tinker come through, and forces Vidia to capture all the sprinting thistles as punishment for tricking the tinker. In the end, when all is well, Queen Clarion allows Tinker Bell to travel to the Mainland with her friends to return a music box the former repaired to its rightful owner.

Tinker Bell and the Lost TreasureEdit

In the sequel, Queen Clarion and the rest of Pixie Hollow are preparing for the Autumn Revelry, which marks the night of the Blue Harvest Moon. When the blue harvest moon shines it light on the legendary moonstone, Blue Pixie Dust is bestowed upon Pixie Hollow and the Pixie Dust Tree. Without the moonstone, the Pixie Dust Tree's power would slowly vanish. Every year, a scepter is created for the moonstone and in the year in question, Fairy Mary recommended Tinker Bell for the job. Tink gladly accepted but the moonstone was accidentally destroyed, prompting the fairy to set out to find the Mirror of Incanta, which allows her to wish the moonstone back to normal. However, Tink ends up using the pieces shattered moonstone to create billions more Blue Pixie Dust than the original moonstone would have, much to Queen Clarion's delight.

Pixie Hollow GamesEdit

In the television special, Queen Clarion serves as the opener for the legendary Pixie Hollow Games. In the end, she announces the winners, Rosetta and her teammate Chloe, the Garden-talent fairy team.

Secret of the WingsEdit

After Tinker Bell broke the fairy law by brining a Frost-talent fairy from the Winter Woods to the warm regions of Pixie Hollow, the Frost-talent fairy's (named Periwinkle) wings began to shrivel. Since the climate was too warm, Periwinkle's wings began to be destroyed. Queen Clarion arrives just as Tink and her friends take her back to The Border that separates the Winter Woods and the rest of Pixie Hollow. Lord Milori, the ruler of the Winter Woods, declares that Tinker Bell and Periwinkle should never see each other again. Even though Tink and Peri are sisters, the warm climate isn't safe for Peri, just as the cold climate of the Winter Woods is dangerous for Tink. Queen Clarion agrees on the terms and explains to Tinker Bell why the law was created. Many, many years ago, two fairies (one from the warm seasons and one from the Winter Woods) fell madly in love.

The two fairies began to meet at The Border until they decided to cross. One fairy broke a wing, and the two were forced to bid each other farewell, for their own good. Afterwards, the warm regions of Pixie Hollow began to freeze after a machine that creates snow goes out of control. The balance of the seasons is thrown off as a result of the machine and the Pixie Dust Tree itself falls under danger. Tink gets the idea to have the Frost-talent fairies use their ice to preserve the Pixie Dust Tree. The plan is a success. Queen Clarion and Lord Milori then reveal that they were the two fairies that fell in love long ago. They also decided to abolish the border law and allow the warm fairies to cross over to the Winter Woods.

Now that Tink and Peri were able to be united, Queen Clarion and Lord Milori were able to as well, and the two fairies celebrated the unity alongside the others.

The Pirate FairyEdit

Queen Clarion made an appearance alongside her love interest, Lord Milori, in The Pirate Fairy. Unfortunately, she falls in a deep sleep from the poppies soporific pollen placed by the rouge Zarina. She and every fairy wake up after Zarina and the others get back to Pixie Hollow. During the show, Zarina switches back their talents to the original, and everyone is awed and applauds. The last scene shows everyone going up to talk to Zarina.



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