SpeciesNever Fairies
Gender♀ Female
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Tinker Bell (2008)




Qana is a Snowflake-talent fairy from Tinker Bell movie and Nintendo DS game based on it, Disney Fairies: Tinker Bell. So far she has only appeared in those two canon media appearances.


Personality and CharacteristicsEdit

Being a relatively unimportant character in the franchise, and not even being named in her original appearance, not much is known about Qana and her talent as of yet. Qana is described as a "kind and gentle soul", despite being very quiet and reserved. She shows this in Disney Fairies: Tinker Bell when she meets and befriends Tinker Bell.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Qana is often seen wearing her signature dress, which has a short skirt and no sleeves or shoulders, in a similar fashion to Iridessa's top. She is generally pretty, with brown eyes, white hair and a cute, plump face, nose and body. Her pointy ears are hidden behind her unusual hairstyle, also seen on fairies who look similar to her.

Movie seriesEdit

Tinker BellEdit

Qana appears in the first film, Tinker Bell, where she is seen sighing contently sitting next to what appears to be a friend when Terence pours Pixie Dust over the dandelion fluff which would later reveal Tinker Bell. She is seen brief moments later setting a snowflake atop a toadstool in hopes that Tinker Bell will be of her guild, doing so with a small shy smile. She is then seen again when Clank, Bobble and Tinker Bell fly through Winter Woods, sticking close to the Minister of Winter. She is then seen one final time leaving the Pixie Dust Tree well, waving to a sparrowman. She is then not seen again in the film.

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