If you had wings to lift you, and the Second Star your guide, you would find a place where all the seasons flourish, side by side.
―Queen Clarion about Pixie Hollow
Pixie Hollow

When you arrive at Never Land, you might hear something like the tinkling of little bells. Follow this sound and you find Pixie Hollow, the secret heart of Never Land. Pixie Hollow is the fairies' kingdom, and every fairy who lives there has a special, extraordinary talent.


Each of the four seasons coexists at all times in Pixie Hollow, presided over by a minister in charge of guiding and give orders to the fairies to bringing the respective season to the rest of the world at its proper time. This magical domain spreads out in all directions and is divided into the four seasons: to the east lies lovely Spring Valley; golden-hued Autumn Forest is found to the west; the ever-snowy Winter Woods is to the north; and warm, sunny Summer Glade lies to the south.

At the heart of Pixie Hollow, lies the Pixie Dust Tree, a ancient tree that grants Pixie Dust in addition to be the birthplace of all warm-weather fairies. Its roots extend throughout all Hollow, and one of this roots go to Winter Woods to provide Pixie Dust for Winter fairies and is known to be the second "Pixie Dust Tree" in the Hollow.

Dual-Monarchy and Ministers

Pixie Hollow has a system of Dual-Monarchy. Queen Clarion is the largest order in Pixie Hollow's warm seasons (spring, summer and autumn), while Lord Milori governs the winter. Warm-weather fairies recognize Queen Clarion as their queen and largest order,  just like Winter fairies recognize Lord Milori as their lord.


  • Pixie Hollow is located at the secret heart of Never Land.


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