Pixie Dust Tree
The Pixie Dust Tree is a magical, enchanted tree who produces Pixie Dust. This ancient tree is located at the heart of Pixie Hollow and is visible from everywhere. 

Pixie Dust flows until up the Pixie Dust Mill, where is carefully nurtured, maintained and distributed by Dust-keeper fairies. Their roots extends through all Pixie Hollow, and one of them go to Winter Woods and is known to be the second "Pixie Dust Tree" in the hollow.

Queen Clarion's palace as well the residence of the warm ministers is located within the Pixie Dust Tree. It's also where the Hall of Scepters is located in a room. Queen Clarion can be found at her royal chambers within the tree.


Zarina's Pixie Dust TreeEdit

In The Pirate Fairy, Zarina created a new Pixie Dust Tree in the Skull Rock to provide Pixie Dust to her pirate crew with Blue Pixie Dust.


  • Their strength must be replenished every eight years with Blue Pixie Dust.


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