Zarina's book

The book.

No results, no results, no results, ah.
―Zarina reading the book

Pixie Dust Experiments is a book that belongs to Zarina, who has several magic recipes of Pixie Dust.


In a normal day at Pixie Dust Mill, Fairy Gary has a alphabetical list of Dust-keeper fairies, Zarina went with him and sees the very-powerful Blue Pixie Dust. Zarina's curiosity about the experiments with it scary Fairy Gary, who explains that Pixie Dust is very powerful and Dust-keeper fairies are prohibited to tamper with it.

At night, Zarina is unable to test her experiments because of the blue dust's lack. Mysteriously, a one particle falls into her book and she cuts it off, allowing her to make her experiments. Later, she makes Light-talent dust or "Amber Pixie Dust", and put it in their hands. She discovers that she is able to control the moonlight that comes from her window, just like any light fairy is capable of do. 

She call Tinker Bell who sees her extraordinary feat and Zarina eventually creates Purple dust and Pink dust. At the end of the movie, and probably with all recipes tested by Zarina, Fairy Gary declares Pixie Dust Alchemy as a talent and finally Zarina returns to her home.



  1. The Pirate Fairy

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