Zarina's Alchemy station in her home.

Alchemy. Pixie Dust Alchemy.

In The Pirate Fairy, a Dust-talent fairy named Zarina performed alchemical experiments with Pixie Dust and found that by mixing approximately a daily allotment of Pixie Dust, a grain or two of Blue Pixie Dust, and another ingredient or two, she could create other colors of Pixie Dust that would allow any fairy to perform tasks and feats associated with other talents.

For example, a mix made with crushed sunflower seeds and a pinch of moonflower produced Light-talent dust (or "Amber dust"), which allowed any fairy it was put on to control light. Putting any of these Alchemized Dusts on a fairy will apparently override his/her original talent, only allowing the fairy to use the new talent. Most recipes of Pixie Dust Alchemy is written in "Pixie Dust Experiments".


Pixie Dust Alchemy can alter nature in many ways, e.g. Pink dust will grow plants instantly, according to the amount of dust invested. While in hands, Amber dust will make any non-light fairy capable of bending light, or while in the wings of a non-fast fairy, Purple dust will make them so fast as a comet, and every alchemized dust has a different effect depending on how it was used.

You're bending light? You're bending light? But you're not a Light fairy, you're a Dust-keeper!
Tinker Bell to Zarina

If a fairy throw a alchemized dust upon herself, her talent will be replaced and their outfit will change into a color and style that represents the new talent. If they change to their original talent again, the outfit will turn to whatever style/color that was in.

This never happened when I was a Water fairy.
―Silvermist about their lost skills

In the clip "Experimenting", Zarina is seen creating the Purple Pixie Dust and Pink Pixie Dust.

Known Alchemized dusts




Orange Animal-talent Made from eggshells
Pink Garden-talent Made from the essence of flowers
Purple Fast-flying-talent Made with purple feathers
Amber Light-talent Made with sunflower seeds and a pinch of moonflower
Green Tinker-talent Made with a green rock
Cyan Water-talent Made from dewdrops


  • Pixie Dust Alchemy is considered a sub-talent of Dust-talent.
  • Zarina is the first fairy that we see experimenting with Pixie Dust.
  • In the clip "Fairies's Show" shows the final scenes of The Pirate Fairy, and we see Zarina returning the originals talents of Tinker Bell, Rosetta, Fawn, Iridessa, Silvermist and Vidia with Pixie Dust Alchemy. They make a show with their talents to represent the springtime, in the Four Seasons Festival.
  • After switching their innate abilities, fairies can get dificulty to used the new, and these can create side effects, as evidenced by Iridessa causing flowers to grow simply by walking across the ground or staying sitting on a tree. These effects decrease in time, until disappear.
  • When Zarina created Light-talent dust, which is amber in color, Tinker Bell mistook the color for orange, which is the color of Animal-talent dust.
  • Pink dust, when mixed with Amber dust, can cure the deep sleep of the Sleep Poppies.
  • People can confuse Blue Pixie Dust with Cyan dust, or Amber dust with Orange dust, although they are very different.



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