Beware a mermaids wrath.
―Soop, just before sending a flood to Fairy Haven in Fairy Haven and the Quest for the Wand.

Never Mermaids in Mermaid Lagoon.

Never Mermaids (popularly known as just Mermaids) are human/fish hybrids. They're primary residents of Mermaid Lagoon. They spend most of their time combing their hair, playing instruments and resting upon the rocks above the Mermaid Lagoon. They are native from Never Land.


Attitudes Toward CreaturesEdit

Mermaids are incredibly snobby and will dive into the water when fairies come by. Never Mermaids are not curious about other creatures. One of the few non-mermaids they will stay up for is Peter Pan, but that is only because he is the Peter Pan and therefore has snob appeal. They are very jealous, vain, and not like humans. They wanted to drown Wendy, after inviting her to swim, and splashing water on it. Though mermaids speak English quite well, they also have their own language (called Mermish) which has thirty-eight vowels and no consonants. Some Never Mermaids have names that can only be pronounced in Mermish.

It is not safe to visit Mermaid Lagoon at night, because mermaids sing their most magical songs then. Pirates see dead sea captains, birds fly upside down, and fairies turn into bats. Some mermaids have some power over water, as Soop demonstrated by sending a flood to Pixie Hollow.

They enjoy the company of Peter Pan but seem malevolent towards everybody else, including the fairies, and show a particular dislike of Wendy, who is Peter's "special" female interest. They are hedonistic, frivolous and arrogant; they "sing" and play the "mermaid games" all day, like blowing bubbles, and they "love to bask out on Marooners' Rock, combing their hair in a lazy way". Wendy is enchanted by their beauty, but finds them offensive and irritating, as they would "splash her with their tails, not accidentally, but intentionally" when she attempted to steal a closer look. They occupy rock-pools and the ocean surrounding Marooners' Rock, and their homes are "coral caves underneath the waves" to which they retire at sunset and rising tide, as well as in anticipation of storms.


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