Milori's Snowy Owl

Milori's Snowy Owl is Lord Milori's winged steed and friend in Secret of the Wings.


Because of the Winter Lord's damaged wings prevent him from flying, a proud Snowy Owl lends his wings to the lord so he can fly around the Winter Woods; along with it's strength as they do what they can to keep the woods and it's fairies safe. It is possible that the feathers that Milori wears as his cloke are from his friend.

The owl also scouts the woods and alerts Milori when Winter or warm fairies cross The Border . Milori's owl is also shown to be the general of the wood's Snowy Owls when it lead a group of owls to Pixie Hollow's three other season realms, so the Frost-talent fairies can save the Pixie Dust Tree. Milori's friend is shown to have strong wings, legs and eyes. Flying it's friend around the woods, caught Periwinkle crossing the bolder and knocking the Snow Maker into the river.

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