Light-talents keep Pixie Hollow aglow! They train fireflies, search for gems, and make fireworks with light crystals.
Queen Clarion

Light-talent fairies have the ability to manipulate, control the intensity and create any type of light for various purposes, be it moving sunbeams into a different position, catching pieces of light from luminous sources or projecting beams of light in any direction. These fairies are born having the understanding of constellations and are expert navigators.

Light fairies are responsible for keeping Pixie Hollow aglow and bright after the sun sets. They train fireflies and glowworms to work as lanterns and torches, in order to aid fairies in the dark and they have a friendship with them.

Light-talent fairies are quick-witted and literally "bright" fairies. Another special skill these fairies have is the ability to create and manipulate rainbows, however, the best rainbow is made with the help of a Water fairyThose fairies are perfectionists who love to be in the spotlight. They can also look directly at the light, without any problem.

Light fairies


Yellow is a common color for Light-talent fairies, such as amber, golden, orange and all yellow shades. Both skirts and trousers are seen on Light-talent fairies.

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