Glimmer pose
SpeciesNever Fairies
Gender♀ Female
Professional Status
Personal Status

Rumble (best-friend; usually), Rosetta, Chloe (friends)

Background information

Pixie Hollow Games (special; 2011)



Tiffany Thornton (2011-present)

Glimmer is a character from the Disney Fairies television special, Pixie Hollow Games. She is a Storm-talent fairy and is voiced by Tiffany Thornton.


Personality and Characteristics

As mentioned above, Glimmer is a Storm-talent fairy and has dedicated most of her time to training for the Pixie Hollow Games. Her constant training even prevents her from traveling to the Mainland with the other fairies. It took her three tries to actually become the partner of Rumble for the Games. Like Rumble, she is in it to win, but unlike her partner, she is not conceited.

Movie seriesEdit

Pixie Hollow Games

Glimmer is the partner of renowned Storm-talent sparrowman Rumble in the Pixie Hollow Games. Together, they prove to be an unstoppable force throughout many of the competitions. They came in second during the first event, which made Rumble upset and caused Glimmer to have to boost his ego. During the rest of the games, they came in first many times. At the last event, Rumble cheated by using her lightning powers to zap Rosetta and Chloe's cart wheels. Glimmer decided not to cross the finish line, which made Rosetta and Chloe win, since both team members had to cross the finish line together in order to win.

The Pirate FairyEdit

Glimmer can be seen beside Clank in the audience in the Four Seasons Festival.



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