Garden-talents care for all things that grow! They collect flower petals, gather ivy, and love to tailor new clothes.
Queen Clarion

Garden-talent fairies can sense what a plant needs and have an intuitive understanding of how to care for plants. 

They possess a keen sense of smell, which helps them know exactly when a fruit or nut is ripe and ready to be picked. They also have excellent balance, which allows them to easily carry large loads of fresh fruit on their heads. Harvesting food for the fairies of Pixie Hollow it's also their responsibility. They gather berries, seeds, flower petals, shoots, flower nectar, and mushrooms for animals and their friends. They are "admirers" of nature's beauty. With just a flick of Pixie Dustthey can make grow and blossom any vegetation in an instant.

Garden-talent fairies occasionally work with animals too; they sometimes train earthworms and ladybugs to help them, and they are highly respectful of bumblebees. Garden fairies paint flowers, help them to grow and talk with they. They love the outdoors too.

Garden fairiesEdit


Pink is a common color for Garden-talent fairies, such as salmon, red, coral, and all pink shades. Both skirts and trousers are seen on Garden-talent fairies.

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