Fiona is a secondary character in Secret of the Wings. She is Dewey's pet lynx. She is voiced by Dee Bradley Baker.

Movie seriesEdit

Secret of the WingsEdit

Fiona was first seen waking up from her sleep when Tinker Bell entered her and Deweys' home, her yawn knocked the tinker off her feet. Fiona helped her owner save Tink and Peris' lives before giving them a ride to the border: night had fallen under the Winter Woods and the woods is no place for a warm season fairy. Tinker Bell petted her before she and her sister said their goodbyes, like Dewey she was sad to see Tink leave.

When the Pixie Dust Tree was in danger and Tinker couldn't risk exposing her wings in the cold winter air, Fiona gave her a ride back to the tree, with Periwinkle and her friends: Gliss and Spike following behind. Fiona was last seen returning to Winter Woods after she dropped the tinker off


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