Mentor fairies are those responsible of teach newly-arrived fairies their innate skills, in order to bring the seasons or to contribute to the Mainland or Pixie Hollow in some way. The most talented fairy who shows perfection in their talent and who mastered all of it's skills are invited by Queen Clarion to take place in this position.

These fairies usually take the place of team captain in the Pixie Hollow Games to represent their talents and they are allowed to choose a partner. Most of heads and overseers are mentor fairies too, like Fairy Mary, Fairy Gary and Gelata.

Known Mentor fairiesEdit

Fairy Talent
Tinker Bell Tinker-talent
Silvermist Water-talent
Iridessa Light-talent
Rosetta Garden-talent
Fawn Animal-talent
Vidia Fast-flying-talent


  • The term first appeared in Pixie Hollow Online.
  • Tinker Bell and Fairy Mary work together, and she is the overseer of Tinker Bell.
  • Vidia not appearead as a mentor in Pixie Hollow Online, but she is the fastest Fast-flyer and since she are the team captain in the games, we can assume that she is a mentor.
  • I'ts much possible that Winter fairies have mentors too.

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