Dust-keeper (usually called Dust-talent fairies) process, nurture, maintain, measure, package and distribute Pixie Dust to the other warm-weather fairies. This is an extremely important job since without Pixie Dust, fairies couldn't fly or use their magical talents. The work at the Pixie Dust Mill.

They attend the birth of all warm-weather fairies in the Pixie Dust Tree pouring out Pixie Dust on them, and this talent is considered one of the most important. Collecting Blue Pixie Dust and feeding the tree with it, or delivering Pixie Dust in a Pixie Dust Station through Fairy Camps is one of several duties of those fairies. Fairy Gary is the head of them, and he has a list of every fairy who has her daily dust ration too. 

Pixie Dust Alchemy is considered a sub-talent of Dust-talent.


Dust-talent fairies wear clothes in warm colors such as gold, orange, golden-brown, and amber. Both skirts and trousers are seen on Dust-talent fairies. Zarina is the only known to have a letter "Z" in her decorated apron.

Dust-keeper fairiesEdit

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