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Have ever wondered how nature gets its glow? Who gives light and color, as the seasons come and go? You can see them if you try. It's all the work of fairies.
Tinker Bell film's narration

Fairies are magical creatures that live in Never Land. They are the primary residents of Pixie Hollow. Her function is control nature, giving her brilliance and beauty to the World (mainland, for the fairies). So, him or her born with magical or mundane abilities to fulfill its task.

The term "fairy" can be used to designate female or male fairies. Fairies spend much of their time working to bring the seasons (winter in the case of Winter fairies) to the human world, which they call the Mainland.


When a human baby laughs for the first time, a fairy is born. Their gender is based on the baby who originated them, e.g. female fairies are born from female babies, and male fairies always are born from male babies — and they can be totally different of their ethnicity. They arrive at the Pixie Dust Tree, and with a sprinkle of Pixie Dust, the laugh is transformed into a fairy. This event is known as a Arrival. After Queen Clarion welcomes them into Pixie Hollow, the ceremony of "Discovering Talents" is started. She conjures a mushroom circle in the Pixie Dust Tree, and various fairies of differents talents and guilds bring objects to represent their talents. When the new fairy touches an item that does not represent his or her talent, the item will be unresponsive or even disappear, and the mushroom will stop shining.

They are born wearing pieces of laughter, that are known as "Arrival Garments" that can vary between them. However, they always arrive barefooted and without any hairstyle.

When him or her finds the item representing their talent, the item will glow and the rest of them will stop shining too. After discovering her talent, Queen Clarion gives a name for the newly-borned fairy and gently asks for other same-talent fairies to introduce himself.

For more information, visit the clip "Tinker Bell Feature: First Six Minutes Sneak Peak".

Siblings fairies

Siblings fairies are a relatively uncommon phenomena where a laugh divides into two or more fairies. Siblings fairies can have or not the same talent. If one sibling has wing damage and touches his or her wings to another sibling's, the damage will mend. Just like no two snowflakes are alike, no two Fairies' wings are alike, however, Siblings fairies have exact wings. When them approach each other or when their wings touch, their wings will sparkle. They always have the same talent and gender.

Laughter can be separated, going to Winter Woods or Pixie Hollow. If this happens, they will be separated because both cold and heat are dangerous (as happened with Tink and Peri).

Winter fairies

Main article: Winter fairies

Winter fairies are expert on the work of ice and snow.


Fairies' height is approximately 10 cm. Fairies can appear to be of any ethnicity in both the movies and books, although they usually have button noses and slanted eyes. However, it appears that some features and talents may be more likely to go together: for example, all Winter fairies have either white or black hair, and many Light-talent fairies had dark hair and skin. Each fairy's wing design is unique, there are no two that are exactly the same. Fairy speaking is difficult for humans to understand; to them, all fairies sound like the jingling of bells. All of them have pointy ears. All fairies have eternal youth and are free from any natural death. When they arrive, "born" in Pixie Hollow, their appearance is a the young adult/teen and this appearance will remain forever. Fairies cannot lose weight or gain more, however, fat fairies tend to have small wings, but they can fly at the normal speed like others fairy. Fairies' clothes are “designed by nature” – they're made from flowers and other plant materials and never wears out. Each of them wears colors representing their talents, that is usually their favorite color. Fairies has more physical force than it seems.

The royalty of Pixie Hollow, ministers and heads has a larger size than the other fairies and has an older appearance. The only head known to have a more youthful appearance is Gelata.


Tinker Bell's sparkling wings.

Just like each fairy, each of them has unique wings, that can vary in colors, designs and formats. There are no two that are exactly the same. Only siblings fairies have identical wings in all aspects. Lizzy Griffiths described fairy's wings as "a shining income". Without the aid of Pixie Dust, fairies can't fly no more than a few feet.

At night (or in a dark place) their wings get a intense, natural glow of Pixie Dust if they have it in their system.


This occurs when a fairy releases Pixie Dust. They can do small things fly, as helping themselves, like a pencil, stones, or tools. If a fairy falls accidentally, they will explode Pixie Dust through the air, making non-flying objects float.

Sparkling Wing

Sparkling Wing is a phenomenon that occurs when fairy siblings get near each other or when their wings touch. Their wings will take on an pink-cyan glow for a short time.

Tink and Peri's wings trying to repair the broken wing of Tinker Bell.

Broken Wing

Under most cases, a broken wing is a permanent injury that would prevent any fairy from flying again. Drastic temperature changes can damage wings, for warm-weather fairies, their wings can freeze and break, and for cold-weather fairies their wings can heat up and break. However, if two fairy siblings touch their wings together, the broken wing will mend. It is unknown whether the sparkle can repair other fairies' wings or if it would work if the wing was incomplete, since Tinker Bell's wing only had a tear, where as Lord Milori's was broken off. 

Wet Wing

Vidia trying to fly

Fairy wings tend to soak up water and become weighted down. This prevents fairies from flying. Even Water fairies cannot swim. However, their wings will not kill them by drown while staying in water. Fast fairies can use their abilities to dry other fairies' wings quickly, like Silvermist did. If a fairy's wings get wet, Pixie Dust cannot replenish them until they are dry.


All knowledge is guarded by Dewey, the keeper. He wrote the most diverse books, as Dustlogy, Winglogy and Windlogy or how to slipping in rainbows. He knows all the facts related from fairies and send their books for Pixie Hollow. He wrote also various things of warm-weather fairies, like their talents, their world and some fairy tales.


Attitudes Toward Animals

Animals are like a family for every fairy, and never will eat them, being hawks the exception. Fairies are extremely integrated in the animal world, as fairies are the most important and primary residents of Never Land, subsequently, their friends helps them with a multitude of tasks. Garden fairies are seen training and giving orders to ladybugs or other insects, like bees and butterflies, after they have been painted by Animal fairies. If a fish has a trouble with their swimming abilities, Water fairies will help them swim. At the sunset, newly-borned fireflies is always hungry, so, Light fairies will give light to them. Cheese, a sweet mouse is always helping fairies of all talents, especially Tinker fairies and Fast-flying fairies is often found drying newly-washed birds. While traveling to the Mainland, doves helps them, as snowy owls helps Winter fairies too.


There are many important events in Pixie Hollow, like a "arrival" of a fairy or the Autumn Revelry, which occurs annually in the end of autumn. Another event is the Pixie Hollow Games, when warm-weather fairies of all talents participate to win a trophy in several tests. Other event is the Four Seasons Festival, when all fairies of Pixie Hollow participate, that occurs in the end of winter and is like a "New Year". These events occurs in the Fairy Coliseum, which are decorated and organized for both ocasions. There are some fairies, who are obsessed with games, like Rumble, that train the whole year for these games.


Main article: Talents

Known Never Fairies


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